Dr Aditi Desai

Dental Surgeon & Expert in Sleep Medicine

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President of the British Society of Dental Sleep Medicine (BSDSM), dental sleep expert and dental surgeon, Dr Aditi Desai helps treat patients suffering from obstructive sleep apnoea and snoring, sleep bruxism (SB) and temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD).

Sleep is an essential component to your health, well-being and daily function. Don’t allow a common sleeping disorder to get in the way, there are many treatment options helping you lead a happier, more energised quality of life. 

Begin your journey to a new, vibrant you with a sleep consultation with Dr Aditi Desai.

‘There is a lack of awareness among both the public and the medical profession — even some dentists haven’t done extra training that would allow them to help resolve a number of health conditions, particularly breathing-related sleep disorders,’ explains Dr Aditi Desai, President of the British Society of Dental Sleep Medicine.


November 2018 |

If you’re suffering from disturbed sleep, you’re not alone. It is estimated that over 1.5 million people in the UK suffer from the condition, and it is suggested that many have not been formally diagnosed. Globally there are over a billion people who have this debilitating condition.

Following an extensive dental and sleep related evaluation, Dr Desai will be able to direct you to the appropriate route to take to help you.  Is it snoring only or a symptom of underlying sleep apnoea?.  Do you need further tests and investigations

Aditi has over a 95% success rate with patients who have been treated positively for snoring.  

Professional Experience

Consultant Dental Surgeon, The London Bridge Hospital (2014 - Present)

Dental Surgeon with Special Interest, 76 Harley Street (2009 - present)

Principle Dentist, BBC Broadcasting House Dental Practice (1996-2009)

Professional Memberships

President of British Society of Dental Sleep Medicine (BSDSM)

Co-founder & President of British Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (BADSM)

Odontological Council and Sleep Medicine Council of the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM)

Board member of The Association for Respiratory Technology and Physiology (UK)

Member of British Dental Association (BDA)

Member of General Dental Council (GDC)


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HCA at The Shard
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