President of the British Society of Dental Sleep Medicine (BSDSM).

Dr Aditi Desai is the President of the British Society of Dental Sleep Medicine (BSDSM), British Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (BADSM) and an experienced dental surgeon with a special interest in sleep medicine offering services in London Bridge Hospital & RB&HH, Wimpole Street. 

Aditi treats sleep disorders, such as sleep apnoea and snoring as well as sleep bruxism (SB) and temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD) and her practice is dedicated to the dental management of these conditions.

  • MSc Con Dent Lond (2004)
  • BDS Wales (1977)
  • Accreditation from the European Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (EADSM)
  • Accreditation from British Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (BADSM)
  • FCGDent (2022)
  • Part-Time Clinical Teacher, King's College London, Dental Institute (2003 – 2014)
  • Consultant Dental Surgeon, The London Bridge Hospital, HCA at SHARD (2014 - Present)
  • Consultant Dental Surgeon, RB&HH Specialist Care (2021 - Present)
  • Dental Surgeon with Special Interest, 76 Harley Street (2009 - present)
  • Principle Dentist, BBC,  Broadcasting House Dental Practice (1996-2009)
  • President of British Society of Dental Sleep Medicine (BSDSM)
  • Co-founder & President of British Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (BADSM)
  • President, Odontology Section, Royal Society of Medicine (RSM)
  • Sleep Medicine Council of the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM)
  • Executive Board Member of British Sleep Society 
  • Board Member of The Association for Respiratory Technology and Physiology (UK)
  • Member of British Dental Association (BDA)
  • Registered with General Dental Council (GDC)
  • Member of Dental Protection Limited. (DPL)
  • Fellow of College of General Dentistry (FCGDent)

More About Dr Aditi Desai

Dedicated to the dental management of sleep disorders, Dr Aditi Desai is renowned for her calm, warm and compassionate chairside manner. Strives to help individuals experiencing trouble sleeping with daytime consequences and to help spread awareness of the consequences of poor-quality sleep. 

Dr Desai lectures on the subject of Dental Sleep Medicine both in the UK and abroad. She has been an invited speaker at the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM), the Royal College of Surgeons of England, the British Sleep Society, the British Dental Association and many other organisations.

She set up Global Sleep Solutions as a service for patients looking for help with their sleep and breathing problems. Working with a team of like-minded medical professionals, Dr Desai’s aim is to raise awareness, provide education and facilitate access to treatment for patients with snoring, sleep apnoea, and other sleep disorders.

She works closely with a team of sleep specialists as part of a multidisciplinary team from HCA Outpatients at Shard and Specialist Care at Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospital (RBHT) in Wimpole Street, London. She continues to travel widely, nationally, and internationally, lecturing on how dentists are pivotal in the management of over a billion people globally that suffer from the debilitating effects of snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea.

Treatment can be accessed at several locations, including London Bridge Hospital, HCA at The Shard and RB&HH Specialist Care Outpatients at Wimpole Street.

‘I am writing to thank you for saving my marriage, my sanity, my health and ultimately my life. It sounds dramatic but it is true’

This patient suffered from sleep apnoea & was fitted with a mandibular advancement device by Dr Desai which allowed him to breathe and sleep normally without disrupted sleep or oxygen deprivation.

With Aditi, you can be sure your interrupted sleep will be a thing of the past 

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