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Your journey to feeling better

Your journey with Dr Desai to sleeping better and feeling better starts with an initial consultation with her at one of her two clinics in London.

If you have been referred to her by one of her several medical colleagues or been recommended to her, you might receive a call from her personally. She will not only introduce herself but will give you an idea of what to expect when you consult with her. She will put you at ease, explaining how she can help you feel better by helping you achieve the quality and quantity of sleep that is essential for one’s well-being. At this point, her personal assistant will take over and arrange a consultation appointment with her which usually takes an hour.

During the consultation, Aditi will explain the causes of the snoring and sleep apnoea as well as the consequences of untreated habitual snoring and sleep apnoea will be discussed.  She will also discuss the various treatments that are available, while highlighting the benefit and limitations of each one. While recommending the most effective treatment she may also suggest the use of additional treatment that may further improve the outcome of the principle therapy.

During the consultation, the results of your sleep test, if it has already been undertaken, will be explained and if a sleep test has not been carried out, she may recommend that you have one, to rule out any underlying sleep apnoea for a snorer. The result of each sleep test is reported by a sleep physician.

If treatment with an oral appliance (MAD) is suitable, Aditi will offer to scan your mouth with a digital intraoral scanner that takes a digital 3-D impression of your jaws. This avoids unnecessary impressions, limits cross-infection, enhances the accuracy of the MAD when it is delivered for fitting and speeds up the process.

The journey from consultation to device fit takes approximately 2-3 weeks with the ability to fast track this journey if required.

Once the device is fitted, there is a follow up appointment to optimise the device.  Aditi is always available to answer any questions or queries via email but recommends in clinic follow up appointments if there are any concerns that may require in-clinic attention.