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eXciteOSA Daytime Sleep Therapy

eXciteOSA: non-invasive intraoral neuromuscular stimulation device with clinically proven reduction of primary snoring and mild obstructive sleep apnoea.

It is the first, unique daytime treatment for sleep-disordered breathing that uses an entirely novel and original method – physiologically retraining the airway against collapse.

Now patients can benefit from this convenient and effective therapy so that they and their partners can get a better night’s sleep.

For further information please visit: or email

eXciteOSA has been clinically proven to improve the quality of sleep by reducing snoring and sleep apnoea significantly, when used for 20 minutes, once a day for 6 weeks 1-3


  1. E.Wessoleck et al. Intraoral electrical muscle stimulation in the treatment of snoring. Somnologie (Berl). 2018; 22(Suppl 2): 47–52
  2. A.Sama et al. Daytime Intraoral Neurostimulation with eXciteOSA for treatment of Snoring and Mild Sleep Apnea. CHEST Annual Meeting Notes, 2018
  3. Prospective cohort study of 50 patients with snoring or mild OSA (Apnea- Hypopnea Index (AHI) <15) with 46 completed the trial. Objective snoring and respiratory parameters were recorded with 2 consecutive WatchPat night sleep studies before and after the use of the device. An intra-oral tongue stimulator (eXciteoOSA) device was used for 20mins, once a day for 6-week period
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