Chronic Snoring

We all snore now and then, and with a few lifestyle changes we can stop snoring. For some individuals, it can be a chronic problem and shouldn’t be ignored. Habitual snoring is considered pathological. In addition, this can have an unfortunate impact on your loved one but the good news is, there is a solution and help can be provided.  

If you are experiencing regular sleep disturbance which is resulting in drowsiness, general tiredness and depression, it is important you seek professional help for necessary treatment. 

With a comprehensive clinical evaluation, Dr Aditi Desai will be able to identify if you’re showing signs of chronic or sleep apnoea symptoms and will be able to recommend lifestyle changes, appropriate investigations and individualised medical referral if deemed necessary.  This will help restore you to a refreshing sleep and a more energised quality of life.

Chronic snoring and sleep apnoea, is where your muscles of the upper airway collapse partially or completely.  This in turn leads to narrowing or closure of the airway.  The change in the aerodynamics of the air being breathed in and out leads to the sound of snoring. The sound causes disruption of not only your sleep but that of your bed partner and if loud enough those in adjacent rooms.

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